Meet us on Facebook

Can you help us get up to 1,971 fans and followers?
As we travel across the States from Oregon through California, Arizona, New Mexico and beyond, your support and conversation will keep us going.

Please look at our Facebook Page. It’s called The YesWeCan CamperVan. Add your support and join as a Fan by going to

Our target is at least 1971 friends and fans. We hope you can help us smash that by telling your friends about us and sending them to our Fan page.  Also please mention us to your local media (newspaper, TV, Radio) so that they can follow us and help spread the word.

On Facebook send us your tips for safe travels, for places to eat and stay, and let us know where you are, in case we are coming to your neighborhood and can meet.  You’ll find it easy to share your views and ideas with us and each other on the discussion pages on The YesWeCan CamperVan Facebook page. Also tell us if there’s someone we should contact – an ordinary person who is doing something extra-ordinary to save our planet or to inspire us to be a better person. And we’ll try to talk to them and put their stories under the ‘People’ section/tab at the top of the Home page.

Just imagine …. if lots of us get involved and share our ideas for a better way to live in harmony with our planet, we could create a whole new world!


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