Taking a tour?

We’ve not been touring much in the last 9 months, with Carole and The YesWeCan CamperVan both needing an overhaul!!!!

Yet we’re always talking to people about MG Awareness whenever we get the chance.

A couple of weeks ago we took our first trip out since last August.

Dexter in Clearlake March 2014

Arriving in Clearlake, northern California, it was already a hot day for mid March!

Dexter at 90F in March

the temperature gauge inside the campervan (put there by the first owner before Carole) showing a cool 90 degrees!

Stopping to get a cool drink at McDonalds, we were asked about our MG signs by a group of bikers who were out touring for the day.

Clearlake bikers

It was reassuring to get their interest and they said that if we organize an event to get attention for autoimmune diseases, there’d be plenty of bikers to ride along and add their support!. Grrrreat!

Then last weekend at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Walnut Creek, CA, a young man came over to look at the signs on our VW and asked “What does MG Mean?” … and then talked about his mother who has another, even lesser known, auto-immune disease, called Inclusion body myositis. There are far too many of these AI diseases nowadays, affecting 50 million people in America alone!!!

We hope that in 2014 others will join us in our drive to spread the word across the miles to help those with autoimmune diseases. They sure need all the support they can get. See VW4Causes for more information. THANKS!


VW friends’ blogs

Newly spotted today – a blog from Zenbus (a 1984 watercooled Vanagon Westfalia) called “The Zen Bus Adventures”

zen bus blog

Such a  good read! Make sure you take a look. 

Look also at our other VW friends and their blogs under our ‘VW blogs section’ – scroll down our left column to find a wonderful variety, including: 

PLEASE send us any others that you see out there in VW land, by posting below! And please tell your friends about our blog, too.

Thanks :)

Joining the Sacramento VW community for Ranch Run 2013

What a time we had in Sacramento the first weekend of May – VWs, nice people, having fun and doing good. There’s no better combination.

Ranch Run poster

For more information see the Ranch Run website … http://www.theranchrun.com/

Ranch Run 2013 website

The Ranch Run website describing the VW community’s support for the 2013 event in aid of local charity ‘Ride to Walk’


It was a hot day! I managed to find my old hat buried inside my VW and our T shirt from last year’s cross country drive for MG Awareness and VW4Causes …..

Doing my bit as one of several VW drivers in "The Ranch Run 2013" for Sacramento charity "Ride to Walk"

Doing my bit as one of several VW drivers in “The Ranch Run 2013″ for Sacramento charity ”   Ride to Walk”


What kind of events and charities have you and your VW club supported?

Let us know by commenting below and inspiring us with your stories. Thanks.

Pinterest – your opinion please

The YesWeCan CamperVan is featured on Pinterest under ‘Vehicles Working For Causes‘ (VW4Causes)

Vehicle 1: The YesWeCan CamperVan

MY VW rear

together with other 
boards including:

Vehicle 2: A BW with 15 Windows


Classic VWs

Red VW line up IMGP 5987


Fun Autos

VW Bus Cake + Peeps

Will these boards on P-interest help us get more people to view our websites and draw attention to our blog posts, I wonder?

To explore for yourself and see what you think, please click on the photos above to take you to the boards I’ve created and the pictures that I posted there.

If you think yes, please click like below, and if no, please write your comment in the reply box.

Thank you :)

VW stories from way back when …

After this photo appeared on VW Bus Junkies – Classic VW Bus Owners and Fans … it had received almost 90 likes by the time I saw it today a week or so later …

VW vintage with 60s band

I apologize for not being able to give credit to the photographer of this great picture; source was not shown on VW Bus Junkies facebook page.

John Kleckner commented ……

“My brother used a ’57 and hauled the whole band out to Eastern Long Island in ’65 to open for Mitch Ryder. I used my ’58 to haul a Hammond B3 and 2 Leslie speakers [yes they fit] with other stuff. ['57-8] Both were 36 HP, and made it to many gigs!”

If you have any colourful stories to share from the 60s, please add them in the box below …. thank you!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the VW world

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the VW world 

from VW christmas tree decorations ….

VW bauble for Xmas tree

Dr Pepper VW BEETLE Tree Gift

Pepsi Cola VW BEETLE Tree Gift

…. to VW Christmas cakes …

VW Bus Cake + Peeps

…. who knows what you might wish for ?

VW Bus Santas

…. after all, in VW world, anything is possible :)

VW with Reindeer - Xmas Wish


and from my VW bus

The YesWeCan CamperVan !

If you’d like to send us a special Christmas gift,                                 we’d love you to  click here on our highlighted                                    The YesWeCan CamperVan 

This link will take you to our VW Facebook page, and                  when you get there, please like our Page …….. then share            this request with your friends, too.

   We are trying to reach 2000 ‘Page Likes’ by year end, and we’ve a long way to go. If you could help us reach this target, it  would be a wonderful gift from you to us and many others, because you’ll be helping us reach more people with our educational messages through our work at VW4CAUSES 

Thank you!

Even Jesus agrees – see below :)

(thanks to VW enthusiast Ryan Bautista for this photo) 

VW Jesus Xmas Tree decoration

4 Bays, 4 Splittys and 1 Ghia

QUESTION: What happens when 4 Bays, 4 Splittys and 1 Ghia get together?

ANSWER: A great atmosphere and support for our cause!

Thanks to the Paintscrapers VW club who came out to the Island Gardens Park …

VWs in the Park, photographed by Sharon Read, edited by Carole Brown.

… and thanks to my green Brazilian splitty, too, here seen in close up …

For more about this wonderful photo shoot in London see http://vw4causes.org/2012/10/21/iod-photoshoot/


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